Each year, the Soil & Nutrition Conference brings together leading thinkers and practitioners, each outstanding in their field, to share their insights and personal experience as we grow the movement around food quality!
Anne Bikle - Speaker SNC2017
Conference Speakers

Elaine Ingham

Soil Foodweb, Inc.

Founder, president, and Soil Food Web School, Director

Lindsay Rebhan

Ecological Design

Certified permaculture designer, ecological consultant, educator

Eric Jackson

Pipeline Foods

Founder, chairman of Pipeline Foods

Kathleen DiChiara

Nutritional Intelligence Academy

Functional Nutrition practitioner, educator, author

Dan Kittredge

Bionutrient Food Association
Real Food Campaign

Farmer, founder/executive director of BFA and RFC

Stephen "Silverbear" McComber

Seed keeper, ceremonial elder, educator and speaker

Kris Hubbard

Wild Wood Farms and Heirloom Seed Company

Farmer, seed archiver, herbalist

Lisa Bloodnick

Bloodnick Family Farm

Farmer, seed saver

Keisha Ryan Williams

Soil Foodweb, Inc.

Greg Austic

Our Sci, PhotosynQ
Real Food Campaign

Hardware developer, open source advocate

We are just starting to build our speaker lineup – stay tuned!