Each year, the Soil & Nutrition Conference brings together leading thinkers and practitioners, each outstanding in their field, to share their insights and personal experience as we grow the movement around food quality!
Anne Bikle - Speaker SNC2017
2021 Conference Speakers

Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin

Regenerative Agriculture Alliance

CEO/president of RAA, author

Walter Jehne

Regenerate Earth

Climate scientist, soil microbiologist, innovation strategist

Nicole Masters

Integrity Soils

Agroecologist, systems thinker, author

John Kempf

Advancing Eco Agriculture

Agronomy consultant, farmer, founder of AEA

Kathleen DiChiara

Nutritional Intelligence Academy

Functional Nutrition practitioner, educator, author

Kiran Krishnan

Physician’s Exclusive, LLC
Microbiome Labs

Microbiologist, researcher, speaker

Sandor Katz

Fermentation revivalist, educator, author

Rick Haney

USDA-Agricultural Research Service

Soil scientist, microbiologist, research farmer

Steve Diver

University of Kentucky Horticulture Research Farm

Horticulture specialist, soils consultant

Cathryn Couch

Ceres Community Project

Founder/executive director of Ceres, sustainability & food as medicine activist

Greg Watson

Schumacher Center for a New Economics

Director of Policy and Systems Design

Carol Sanford

Regenerative Paradigm Institute

Paradigm disruptor, positive contrarian, developmental storyteller

Dan Kittredge

Bionutrient Food Association
Bionutrient Institute

Farmer, founder/executive director of BFA & BI

Lindsay Rebhan

Ecological Design

Designer, land planner, agrarian, educator

Jill Clapperton

Rhizoterra, Inc.

Mother, daughter, healer, scientist

David Strelneck


Social entrepreneur, environmental policy analyst, hobby farmer

James F. White

Rutgers University

Professor of Plant Biology, researcher, author

Pascal Fafard

Agronomist, farm consultant, speaker

Pierre Weill


Agronomist engineer, researcher, founder of BBC

Faith Reeves

Sky Factory

Farmer, soil health student/coach/educator

Greg Austic

Our Sci
Bionutrient Institute

Open technology advocate, hardware developer

Dan TerAvest

Our Sci
Bionutrient Institute

Researcher, developer

Lisa Stokke

Next 7, Food Democracy Now!

Food & environmental activist

Rudolf Zantinge

Water and Light

Technologist, researcher, co-founder of Water and Light

Eric Jackson

Pipeline Foods

Founder, chairman of Pipeline Foods

Steve Groff

Cover Crop Coaching, Cedar Meadow Farm

Farmer, consultant, author

Emily Brady

Bionutrient Institute

Citizen Scientist Coordinator

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